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GNUF poker

Based in Malta, GNUF Poker is a Prima Poker network member (they use Microgaming software). Because the Prima network is a pretty big and popular one, player traffic is quite reasonable at GNUF, even though they are relatively new on the online poker scene.

They do run a very serious operation though, in more ways than one, and players will catch on to that quickly. They inspire confidence, and if they keep up the growth rate, they’ll soon join the ranks of the bigger poker rooms on the internet.

Their software is not a graphical masterpiece for sure. Its graphics are blocky, and reminiscent of some kind of flash game, however, it is an extremely stable, reliable and battle-worn piece of gaming platform.

Microgaming is a company that needs no introduction, and certainly their software lives up to the most exigent expectations. It’s not the pretty graphics that count anyway, and unless someone decides to create something as unique and as revolutionary as PKR, there’s not much practical use in creating anything prettier than the GNUF client.

Besides, in practicality, the GNUF software is difficult to beat. They feature those mini table views that make life bearable for the thousands of multi-tablers who seek to have their bonuses unlocked as fast as possible.

Bottom line: this software will fulfill the task it’s been built for, 100%.

The competition that you’re likely to encounter if you join GNUF represents a pretty wide spectrum of players. While higher stakes get very little action (they may have a bit of a trouble with their critical player liquidity) games there are very tight and players obviously know what they’re after. Don’t look to find any fish there, but then again, this is pretty much the case in every online poker room out there (with the possible exception of PartyPoker). Low and micro limit tables hog all the action apparently (mind you that I played at GNUF during non-peak hours) and thus, that’s where you need to be headed if you’re looking for value.

The edges are small, and your winnings will probably be small too. Time to take advantage of that mini-table view option, and get to multi-tabling to put that meager edge through as many hands as possible as quickly as possible.

Before we get into their promotions, you may also want to know, that GNUF is endorsed by a team of German and Swedish professional poker players. These guys will hang out at GNUF, where you’ll be able to play against them, but they’ll also be taking part in all sorts of live events, which you’ll be able to follow closely on GNUF forums and their personal blogs.

GNUF’s Sit n Go Big promotion consists of a series of regular STTs, with the difference that they keep track of your 1st and 2nd place finishes. If you manage to finish in 1st or 2nd in 5 consecutive such SNGs, you’ll walk away with a $500 jackpot, depending also on the buy-in you’ve paid for the tourney. Bigger buy-in tourneys will feature bigger jackpots. If you’re really a top-notch player though, and you win 5 consecutive SNGs, you can bag as much as $25,000.

GNUF’s WPT Bootcamp will allow you to play for a WPT season pass worth about $100K, (entry to 10 events + travel expenses) in the sunny Bahamas, where the likes of Clonie Gowen and Scotty Nguyen will take care of your poker education.

Besides these valuable promotions, GNUF will also feature special “race” tournaments, in which you can end up winning a trip to Las Vegas. This one consists of a series of satellites and sub-satellites leading up to a big GNUF Race, which eventually decides the winner of the Vegas trip for two.

They also have a bad beat jackpot promo, as well as ongoing action point tournaments. 
Licensed in Malta, GNUF provides industry-standard security for its players. Its encryption system and SSL are certified by Thawte, and its RNG is kept in top shape by a group of independent auditors.

You won’t run into any nasty surprises here.

Support staff is helpful, although sometimes a tad slow in their replies. All in all, you’re bound to have a ball playing there. 

GNUF poker

Poker Nordica VIP
PlayersOnly VIP
Carbon Poker VIP
Cake Network  
Redstar Poker 33%
PowerPoker 33%
Minted Poker 40%
PayNoRake 100%~
PokerStars 74%~
Terminal 30%
PKR 30%
Full Tilt Poker 27%
888Poker 36%~
Party Poker 50%~
WPT Poker 50%~
True Poker 27%
Betfair VIP
Betsafe VIP 
Diamondbet 50%~
Purple Lounge 50%~
Unibet 50%~
Boss Media  
Fortune Poker 30%
Poker Heaven 30%
PokerKings 30%
Interpoker 30%
Absolute Poker 30%
UltimateBet 30%
NoIQ Poker ~40%
PointPoker 45%
TrueMoneyGames 40%
Fat Bet Poker 40%
Prop site 1 85%
Prop site 3 80%
Prop site 4 100%
Prop site 5 90%
Prop site 6 90%
Prop site 7 135%
Prop site 8 85%
Prop site 9 70%
Prop site 10 95%