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Mike Caro

The "Mad Genius”, Mike Caro is definitely and positively the most respectable poker personality to grace the humble pages of this website.

He’s a recognized authority, not only in poker, but in just about everything related to gambling. He’s famous for being able to accurately predict upcoming events and results in sports and politics, as well as in casino games and poker. He acts as a consultant for several brick and mortar casinos, and is the author of probably the most exhaustive factual research regarding poker game theory. His work is quoted in a series of articles and books about gambling, written by others.

During the 90s, he accurately predicted that online poker would not only become possible and lucrative in the future, it’ll eventually grow to eclipse its live cousin.

Born in 1944, Poker’s Mad Genius has few impressive WSOP or WPT achievements to his name. He "only” has 5 WSOP money finishes, no golden bracelets yet and 1 WPT money finish. If you take a look at the number of books he has written about the different aspects of poker though, you’ll remain perplexed.

He published a plethora of articles in Gambling Times Magazine, all of which have later been re-published under the title: Caro on Gambling.

One of the most useful guides for the live poker player (we all know how important it is to possess solid opponent-reading skills) is his Book of Tells: the Body Language of Poker, in which he not only describes player behavior under given circumstances, he also illustrates it with 179 photos.

His Fundamental Secrets of Poker offers players a collection of the most useful advice he’s ever dispensed in his famous poker seminars.

Every poker player who’s ever played a live hand knows that there is a certain way a male player looks at a female opponent at the table (and I don’t mean that literally). Women are generally more likely to be regarded as possible victims by their male counterparts, and this offers them a valuable set of edges they can and should exploit. This is what Caro elaborates on in his Poker For Women – a Course in Destroying Male Opponents in Poker and Beyond.

He contributed the Draw Poker section for Doyle Brunson’s Super/System, as well as 50 tables worth of statistics.

The publications named above are only a very small sample of his activity as a poker author.
In 1994, he had a series of his poker seminars filmed at the Hollywood Park and Bicycle casinos, which he later published on video tape, under the name: Caro’s Power Poker Seminar.

The first ever computer program designed to analyze different poker situations in 15 different poker variants is also his work. He published Poker Probe in 1990, for IBM-PC platforms.

Mike Caro’s Poker Engine is a set of programming tools he created for poker, and which he presented in 1987, at the University of Nevada in Reno.

In case you were wondering why a theorist of this caliber didn’t at least win a WSOP Main Event in his career, ponder no further: while others were busy playing in different live events all over the nation, Mike Caro was busy organizing and running these events.

He was the one who bought the first major, world-class live poker event to the East-Coast. Organized at the Foxwoods Casino and Resort in Connecticut, the World Poker Finals have since grown into a landmark event. The first ever poker event to be supported by corporate sponsors, the WPF was the scene of another premiere: it was there that the four-color deck was first used.

The world’s foremost authority-figure on not just poker but gambling in general, and an adviser for the famous Bicycle Casino, Mike Caro is an avid supporter of fair gambling. To date, he refuses to spare advice on players who do not promise to uphold strict ethical standards in their gambling activities.

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