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  • As a result of the DoJ indictments of April 15 and the legal consequences of the 2006 UIGEA, this online poker room no longer accepts players from the US. Check out some of the other poker rooms we’ve reviewed (Bodog) for information on where US-based players can still play.
  • Absolute poker

    Absolute poker, is a medium size online poker room which has recently seen a considerable growth in player numbers, attributed mostly to an apparently successful advertising campaign they've been running.

    There is a solid number (around 1500) of ring players in the room, in peak hours, and around 8000 tournament players.

    Most of the action is focused on Texas Holdem, (fixed, pot and no limit versions) where the action tends to get pretty loose on lower stakes and limits. There's an over 50% flop-seen ratio at these tables, and obviously this will translate into a money packed environment where fish are right at home, and sharks are hot on their tails.

    Definitely the room to go to, when hunting for easy money, if for no other reason than for the loose nature of these tables. At higher limits and stakes, the action tightens up quite a bit though, and play here becomes an altogether different story.

    The games that Absolute Poker offers are pretty much the ones available in every poker room, namely Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and 7 Card Stud, the interesting thing is though, that there's a fair amount of action on Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo here as well, not only the Texas Holdem tables.

    The support staff at Absolute Poker is a knowledgeable, eager-to-help out bunch of professionals and the speed and ease at which they solve problems is rather noteworthy, however, they're only reachable through e-mail. The lack of live support makes the solving of urgent issues quite frustrating and lengthy.

    Cashout is fast too (24 hours with Neteller) and there are no security issues regarding money transfers.

    The room itself doesn't feature bots to boost player numbers, all of their players are genuine humans. In the beginning most of the action on the site was focused around the small limit real money tables but lately, as numbers of players have grown, other stakes and limits are regularly played at too.

    The software Absolute Poker uses is user friendly enough not to give any person who's been in a poker room before, any troble whatsoever, the lobby is easy to navigate, and the tables themselves are visually all right. (take a look at the screenshot we've made), however I failed to comprehend the role of those little tables set between the players. I personally like to have a clear, well highlighted sight of each player, and all those tables do is to make each particular player more difficult to distinguish from the background.

    In case you don't like the color of the felt, special skins can be downloaded to change it.
    With the less important issues out of the way, let's talk money: you get 100% bonus on your fist deposit up to $1000, or 200% up to $250. This alone may give you a clue why Absolute Poker has seen the explosion in player numbers that it has lately. Besides the very generous first deposit bonus there's a 25% reload bonus which goes up to a $250 maximum. Other incentives are the monthly cash freerolls and weekly reload bonuses.

    Absolute Poker is also one of the few poker rooms that still accept U.S. players, (this kind of makes you wonder whether the sudden surge in popularity they enjoy is not at least partly due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement act of 2006.) however, with the current crackdown on Neteller and other e-cash payment methods, I'm not sure they'll be able to keep this option going for long.

    Final verdict on Absolute Poker: a superb room, many players, good action, both on Texas Holdem and Omaha, and most important of all: loose tables on low limit TH, and plenty of fish around. Easy money ripe for the picking.

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    Absolute poker

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