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If you like to shovel your crap into your neighbour's yard then Anaconda is definitely the game for you. Don't be shocked. Just read below and you'll see why...

Every player around the table is dealt six cards face down, cards he/she will be able to see, but will also need to keep concealed from other players. Dealer button, big and small blinds are set up, followed by a betting round. All the players who stay in the action, will then choose exactly three cards from their six-card hand and put them down next to the player on their left. When everyone is done, they all pick up the cards they so received.

Another round of betting commences, then players discard two cards and repeat the move they previously undertook with the three cards. After the betting round that follows, the passing-along of the cards is repeated, this time with a single card.

The last betting round is followed by the dropping of a card from all 6 card hands players have, and the showdown of the resulting five card hands. Best poker hand wins.

I was just wondering why people named this game 'Anaconda'. It's other name – 'Pass the trash' – seems dead on, as everybody will most likely dump the cards deemed useless on their fellow players, but then again the saying ' one man's junk is another man's treasure' might never have been more valid than here. But 'Anaconda'?

Maybe they called it that because cards coil around the table like an anaconda would around its helpless victim.... or maybe I've had too much to drink.....

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