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Are you having trouble deciding which poker room you should play at? Afraid you'll miss out on the most solid bonus offers and promotions?

If so, then you've come to the right place. This is the section of the site we dedicated to measuring up different poker rooms, based on a diverse set of features like signup bonuses, freeroll offers, all sorts of promotions and incentives, opposition strength, and payout swiftness.

Graphics and audio assessments regarding the software that these sites use, will also be made, however, I need to point it out, that these factors will not be taken into consideration when giving the final verdict on the overall play-experience the room offers. We tried to rank these poker-rooms with a poker-player's eye, and though I know graphics and sound can be important in creating the right atmosphere, I also know what most of our visitors are here for, and we all know that has nothing to do with fancy colors or sophisticated sound-effects.

With that in mind, I need to warn you that playing poker for real money is illegal in some jurisdictions. Every single player should be fully aware whether that is or is not the case in his/her own jurisdiction, and act accordingly or suffer the legal consequences. We are aware that our site can be accessed from such jurisdictions, thus we hereby declare that the information presented on our pages can only be used for informative purposes by players belonging under the above mentioned jurisdictions. Using the information presented on our site in violation of any state, federal or local law is expressly forbidden.

All reviews presented below are well-intentioned and based on facts verified by our staff. We accept no responsability for any conflicts players may have with the featured poker rooms, as the causes and events leading up to such possible conflicts are obviously beyondour control.

24h Poker review

24h Poker is operated by Entraction Operation Ltd, a company licensed and regulated in Malta. Sign up to 24h Poker to enjoy the great game selection it offers, not to mention the €500 sign-up bonus and all the other attractive promotions currently running. Read more...

Poker Nordica

I know this review belongs over in the US poker rooms section, because Poker Nordica Accepts US players, but since this section is also called "best poker rooms” I felt I had to post it here, too. Poker Nordica is indeed one of the poker rooms that present players from all over the world (US included) with the best EV+ out there. Their private tournaments feature extremely reduced numbers of competitors and pretty hefty prize-pools…just the right kind of stuff, if you want to build a poker bankroll. Read more...

Absolute poker

Absolute poker, is a medium size online poker room which has recently seen a considerable growth in player numbers, attributed mostly to an apparently successful advertising campaign they've been running. There is a solid number (around 1500) of ring players in the room, in peak hours, and around 8000 tournament players. Read more...

Doyles poker

Under the supervision of poker legend and Texas Holdem father, Doyle Brunson, Doyle’s Poker Room has a great deal of fame and good reputation to live up to. Having started in 2004, so far they’ve been doing all right, though they’re far from having achieved the same impact on the online poker world that Doyle Brunson has in the real poker universe. Read more...

Party poker

At the moment, Party Poker is quite probably the largest online poker room in the world, considering both its number of players and the amount of money it turns around. Party poker is a publicly traded company registered on the London Stock Exchange. Read more...

Bodog poker

Bodog Poker is one of the oldest running internet poker rooms, it’s been around since 1995. Being stuck on a side-attraction level at a great website which primarily deals with sports betting and casino games, it has never quite realized its true potential. Read more...

PKR poker

Even though some say PKR is little more than a vividly colored lure to attract the fish, at a closer look you’ll probably realize that is not the case. Their software is nothing short of revolutionary, and in our humble opinion, it represents a mile-stone in the short history of online poker. Read more...

Pacific poker

Even though you might’ve heard ambiguous things about this poker room in the past, the fact is they have made great efforts to correct the less functional aspects of their operation. The new Pacific Poker (now at v.4) deserves your attention for several reasons. Read more...

Paradise poker

Who would’ve thought Paradise Poker was the room to search for one of the web’s most advantageous online poker first deposit bonuses?
Besides the great sign-up bonus, there are other appealing things about this relatively new Boss Media network member. Read more...

GNUF poker

While it may not be one of the bigger online poker rooms regarding player traffic, GNUF is certainly a serious and trustworthy operation, on the right track towards becoming much-much bigger.
Their promotions are also worth a peek, and they’ll clue you in on exactly why this poker room offers such good EV for its players. Read more...

Everest Poker

Everest Poker’s success is often subject to debate, however, the fact that they have a software which is available in 16 different languages makes it pretty clear why Europeans like it so much.
Add to that their extremely advantageous rake structure, and you’ll get the answer to the question: how did a poker room which not too long ago only featured Texas Holdem, become so successful, virtually overnight. Read more...


Offering an entirely new approach on 3D online poker gaming, Pokerwize hits the nail right on the head with this one. While there’s enough goofy fun in it to keep a 9 year old or a mentally "overdeveloped” adult busy for a full 15 minutes (which is by no means an easy feat), the room still comes across as a serious operation where learning and chiseling poker strategy will eventually take over in priority, after one’s had his/her fill of newspaper reading and tea sipping at the table. Read more...


A trailblazer of the online poker industry, Pokeroom.com went online in 1999 as a play-money only poker room. Its primary objective being to provide a fun environment for their players, they took every chance to update and better their software. As soon as real-money poker became a lucrative possibility, they’ve made the move. The results are obvious today: a smooth client software, a huge player base and plenty of poker variants offered. Read more...


We initially wanted to add yoypoker as a non rakeback poker room, but it turns out they offer rakeback too. 33% to be exact. The fact that they give you a nice bonus, some smooth promotions and that they accept US players too, makes this little room the Total Package of the industry. Read more...

Poker Nordica VIP
PlayersOnly VIP
Carbon Poker VIP
Cake Network  
Redstar Poker 33%
PowerPoker 33%
Minted Poker 40%
PayNoRake 100%~
PokerStars 74%~
Terminal 30%
PKR 30%
Full Tilt Poker 27%
888Poker 36%~
Party Poker 50%~
WPT Poker 50%~
True Poker 27%
Betfair VIP
Betsafe VIP 
Diamondbet 50%~
Purple Lounge 50%~
Unibet 50%~
Boss Media  
Fortune Poker 30%
Poker Heaven 30%
PokerKings 30%
Interpoker 30%
Absolute Poker 30%
UltimateBet 30%
NoIQ Poker ~40%
PointPoker 45%
TrueMoneyGames 40%
Fat Bet Poker 40%
Prop site 1 85%
Prop site 3 80%
Prop site 4 100%
Prop site 5 90%
Prop site 6 90%
Prop site 7 135%
Prop site 8 85%
Prop site 9 70%
Prop site 10 95%