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Chowaha is another multi-board version of the popular Texas Holdem. This time, players receive the standard 2 hole-cards, but there are three separate flops dealt. There is a pre-flop betting round, then one after the flop. (at this stage, you should already decide which of the three flops you will use at showdown) There are two turns dealt followed by another betting round, and finally there is a single river card shown, followed by the last betting round and showdown.

Players have to make their 5-card hands using both their pocket cards and one of the flop-turn branches leading up to the river.

Let’s name the first flop Fa, the second one Fb, and the third one Fc (each of these consists of 3 cards). Likewise, turn one is Ta, and turn 2 is Tb. There’s only one river, so we’ll call that R.

Players can use one of the following card combos from the table to pick the three cards which together with their two hole cards will make up the hand:

1) Fa-Ta-R
2) Fb-Ta-R
3) Fb-Tb-R
4) Fc-Tb-R

I haven’t seen Chowaha played online anywhere yet, and I don’t suppose we’ll see it online in the near future, but it is sometimes played in casinos, with low-limits, and sometimes even a hi-lo split.

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