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Doyles poker

Under the supervision of poker legend and Texas Holdem father, Doyle Brunson, Doyle’s Poker Room has a great deal of fame and good reputation to live up to.

Having started in 2004, so far they’ve been doing all right, though they’re far from having achieved the same impact on the online poker world that Doyle Brunson has in the real poker universe.

Taking things one step at a time: first of all, the software that they use doesn’t really live up to the name behind the company. It’s the same dated-looking Tribeca Tables Software that Victor Chandler uses in their poker room.

Other than the looks, the software works well and there are no annoying glitches in it… even if you get disconnected during a hand, (for other, local reasons, because the poker client itself will never disconnect you) if you immediately reconnect, you get back right where you left off, without any fuss at all. The options menu and hand statistics are also useful, and the play-by-play shown in the chat window is downright handy (though industry standard in pretty much every poker room).

Sounds are ok too, few and far between, but at least they don’t fall into the disgrace of annoying the hell out of the unsuspecting player.

The real thing that we players care about though, as soon as we hit a poker room is, let’s face the facts, the signup and other bonuses.

Doyle’s room is right up there with the best of them, when it comes to bonuses, giving a 110% signup bonus up to $550 and a free copy of “Super System II”, one of Doyle’s books, that in the longrun, you might find even more useful than the bonus itself..Just one of the benefits of playing at a poker room endorsed by one of the world’s most famous poker players.

Promotion-wise, the room is, again,”all right”. You get a $25 dollar bonus for referring a friend, though in order for you to actually receive the money, the friend you referred needs to gather 2500 action points. The action point system is a solid and interesting one, giving access to freerolls for those who have enough of them. There’s also a lottery game called “breakfast” cash game, which gives the opportunity for players in the room between 3 and 7 AM EST, to win 1000 bucks.

The room, again, qualifies as average from the point of view of player traffic. There are around 3500-4000 players in the room at all times, and no bots are used to boost these numbers. Around 68% of these players are here for the tournaments, the rest are playing the ring-tables.

Game selection is diverse, offering Texas Holdem,. Omaha (both Hi and Hi-Lo versions) and even Badugi, but then again, who are we really kidding here? Hardly anybody plays anything but Texas holdem, and low-limit, low stakes at that too. If you’re looking for a game of Badugi maybe you’re better off directing your attention somewhere else.

As far as the level of competition goes, it’s fairly light. You won’t find the worst poker players here, but you will find a good density of medium to low-skilled fish that are nice and ripe for the picking.

Arriving to the - by now usual - question: is there money in Doyle’s poker room? the answer to that will have to be : yes, there is. You won’t find phenomenally bad players, but you will be able to snatch their chips every now and then for a handsome overall bankroll.

Support is great and you can contact them live, by email or by phone, from pretty much every corner of the room (lobby, tables, you name it..) The effectiveness of the live support is so good, that it pretty much rules out using email altogether, as email response times can amount to as much as half a day. I never tried phone support, but I assume it’s at least as - if not more - effective as live chat.

Money matters at Doyle’s run smoothly, with the industry standard Neteller and credit card deposits, and cashout is also simple and relatively fast.

Our recommendation regarding Doyle’s room would be: yes by all means do give it a shot if you reckon you’re a good enough player, because there is money to be made here, and the single most important feature of a poker room - the fish factor - is right on spot. Who cares about the dated graphics and the average promotions when there’s the well implemented action points system, and freerolls you can attend?

Doyles poker

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