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East Village

East Village is an extremely interesting Omaha Hi-Lo spin-off. As such, it is played with the hi-lo split and the low hand has to be made up of cards 8 or lower to qualify.

At the beginning of the game each player gets 7 hole-cards. They have to discard two of these (obviously, they’ll throw away the two cards they deem useless), and thus they’ll end up with 5 cards. The cards that they get rid of, are mucked for good, they cannot be reused in the game.

Out of the 5 pocket-cards they’re left with, players donate one card. These donated cards are then shuffled by the dealer and they’ll make up the three card flop (followed by betting, as usual in Omaha) the one-card turn (followed by betting again) and the one–card river followed by the last betting round. The players with the highest and lowest hands at showdown, split the pot.

Just like in Omaha, players have to use exactly two of their hole-cards and exactly three cards off the board to make their hands.

Due to the limited nature of the deck the flop, turn and river are dealt from, no cards are burned in this game.

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