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Everest Poker

Everest Poker is a typical online poker success story. It is one of those poker rooms that managed to find a unique selling point which is truly attractive for their target-group: Non-US players.

Just launching a poker room which offers players the standard package, is no longer enough to be successful in online poker. Facts prove it, that those poker rooms that manage to bring some sort of innovation to the game, prevail over the rag-tag ones that don’t (see PKR).

Everest’s unique selling point is that they’ve made their software available in no less than 16 languages, thus providing an ideal platform for European and other players who come in a rainbow of nationalities.

Their Trainer (a section of automated software which teaches rookies to play) is also a nice addition. According to their website, their success is built upon one of the most solid foundations: trust.

The software is nice, and although chips and cards look a tad blocky, it conveys the feeling of a real poker room well. Avatars are 3D-like and the colors and sounds fit in nicely with the whole thing.

Provided by Grand Virtual, it is also very stable and it features your usual set of options for different settings and statistics. Not too long ago, Everest only featured Texas Holdem, which was kind of a letdown, but they now also have Omaha and might even add other games in the future.
Multi tabling is possible at Everest, it supports up to 8 tables, however tables sizes are fixed, and they are rather smallish too, so multi-tabling will give you some problems beyond the usual ones associated with trying to track the action at several tables at once.

Download is really fast, and the sign-up process is extremely user friendly as well (it doesn’t send you spinning between your email inbox and their site, plus the client, to verify your identity).

Player numbers are excellent lately, with more than 5,000 players at their cash tables, and considerably more at tournament ones. Most of the action takes place at the low-to-middle stakes/limits, and the opposition at these tables is fairly loose. I read somewhere that games were really loose on Everest on all stakes, making it just about the only online poker room which offers loose high-stakes games. Well, the problem with that is, there are hardly any high-stakes games going on at Everest, so I guess assessing the quality of opposition there is a bit of a longshot.

Even though what I told you about Everest Poker’s success in light of their wide accessibility makes perfect sense, you have to know there is one more little secret to their success, one that probably hangs the heaviest in the balance: their rake system. The rake featured by Everest poker is extremely advantageous for players, because it is lower than industry standards, in several respects:

While most other poker rooms feature 5% to a max of $3 or $5, Everest will only take 4% on all real money pots, up to a set maximum of $3. In addition to that, pots that are smaller than the BB times 3, are not raked at all. There’s also a no-flop-no-drop policy, and FL micro stakes tables are not raked at all.

Uncalled money is not raked either. Be careful with heads up play though. Everest poker doesn’t feature the usual $1 max cap for these tables.

All in all, their rake system is one of the best in the industry, and I’ll have to admit, this a bigger attraction to most players in the know, than the multi-language support.

Everest Poker does offer its new players a bonus on their first deposit, but their promotions system makes it dwarf in importance.

They offer some excellent satellites to some of the biggest live events, and players can win packages worth $100,000 to travel the world, play in different WSOP, WPT and EPT events – in a word: to live like a poker pro.

They also offer prize packages consisting in trips to Las Vegas, and rather generous sums of spending money.

Their poker points system makes sure players get rewarded for the money they generate, all the time. (Their poker points are suggestively called "Summit Points”). These points can then be traded in for tournament entries, or for merchandize. These same points will also be used for clearing bonuses.

Given the fact that no problems were reported with the way Everest handles finances, I’d say they’re pretty much a 100% safe.

Everest support is also available in several languages, however they do not have any live support (via online chat or phone) which is – frankly – quite disappointing.

Deposit options include all the popular variants like: Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, ECO Card and 1Pay, but – what’s more important for European players – withdrawal is also available through Moneybookers.

Neteller, Click2Pay and the good old bank transfer are also supported for withdrawal.

Everest Poker

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