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Kuhn Poker

Developed by Dr. Harold W Kuhn, Kuhn poker is a much simplified poker variant. As a matter of fact, one might say it is a minimal poker variant.

There are but three cards in the whole deck, (make that a J,Q,K) and only two players can play it.

Both players get a hole-card, and the third one is put aside. Each of the players has to post an ante, and betting can begin. The guy who had the card dealt first, is the first to act. Given the fact that the antes are already posted, he can check or he can raise.(he could fold too, but there’s not much point in doing that at this stage).

The second player can then check, raise or fold, too.

Let’s suppose that the first player to act, checks. The second guy checks too. There is a showdown and the winner (the player with the higher card) takes the pot made up of the two antes they’ve originally posted.

If the second player raises, the first guy can check, re-raise or fold, as the action swings back to him.

Dr. Kuhn proved that even a poker variant as simple as his, carried a vast array of strategic choices. If you needed proof that poker was indeed more of a skill-based game than a luck based one, there you have it.

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