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Should you move to Rush Poker?

Full Tilt’s newest creation, Rush Poker has already proven that it’s here to stay. Players keep flocking to the Rush Poker tables, and now that Rush Poker tournaments have been added too, the interest is bigger than ever. Just how profitable can these Rush Poker tables be though? Should you be among those who make Rush Poker their primary source of online poker income? Is it realistic at all to think about it in these terms?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages this new poker variant presents.

First of all: the sheer number of hands one gets to play per hour at the Rush Poker tables is truly overwhelming. In live poker, players can squeeze about 30 hands into the hour. In regular online poker games, that number goes up to 80-90. In Rush Poker, it is not uncommon to log 250 hands per hour. If you’re a player who has an edge, this fact alone can make your hourly rate sky-rocket. The only problem is that Rush Poker pretty much takes away the psychology-plane from the game, and usually that is where good players excel. This means their edges will be smaller and harder to exploit, which pretty much bites into the hourly rate.

Playing that many hands per hour carries a major drawback too: the poker rake. You pay plenty of poker rake in regular games, just imagine where you’ll land in Rush Poker. Fortunately, there’s rakeback at Full Tilt Poker, though at 27%, it may not make as big a difference as one would like. This is one very solid argument though towards why you shouldn’t even consider playing Rush Poker without having secured the Full Tilt rakeback deal first. Again be aware that because of the relatively low percentage (which is still excellent for a poker room of Full Tilt’s size), even rake back can’t really save you from the sky-high poker rake.

Another advantage that Rush Poker provides doubles as a disadvantage again. The fact that one has no history with his/her opponents may be a blessing for some players, especially for those who haven’t really advanced far on the poker-thought ladder. For good players though, who probably built their success on the very features which no longer exist in Rush Poker, the change is definitely for the worse. Rush Poker simplifies things a lot. For those content folding hand after hand until they hit a K,K or A,A though, it will offer an edge.

As far as Rush Poker advantages go, I left the best for last on purpose: This game is FUN. It’s like a fast-tempo basketball game: win or lose, you’ll love it.

As far as the disadvantages are concerned: I already covered a couple above, but there are more on the way.

The tilt. Tilting is bad in poker, and it gets decidedly worse as the number of hands played per hour goes up. Given that you can play as many as 250 hands per hour at the Rush Poker tables, putting two and two together becomes a cinch: if you’re prone to tilting, you’ll have some true-blue meltdowns in Rush Poker. If we’re talking about multi-tabling, the whole thing grows into a scary dimension, which I fear to even mentally explore.

The worst thing that Rush Poker does to players is that it stops their development. That’s right. You don’t need any kind of special skills to be good at Rush Poker. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably have to forget all your advanced skills and to return to ABC poker, which you’ll have to put to use over and over. Something like that is never good for a player.

The bottom line? If you’re looking to make money, Rush Poker may be a good choice provided you know how to approach it. If you’re looking to grow as a poker player though, and if you’re planning on moving on to high buy-in MTTs or possibly to live events, you’d do better to forget about it. Rush Poker tournaments go down just like the cash games do, so you are not really going to get any sort of tournament experience under your belt playing in these tourneys.

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