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PKR poker

Being one of the newest poker rooms out there (launched in August 2006) PKR is incredibly successful already.

Certainly, they’ve probably spent a fortune on advertising. Just browse the internet, you’ll run into ads of theirs in some of the most unexpected places. Offline media is also bustling with their promotional material.

In the beginning, PKR was considered a fad by most specialists, and it was a more or less general consensus that it would fade away as soon as the novelty factor it brought to the industry wore off.

Was that ever a hurriedly drawn conclusion…PKR does bring innovative new graphics, full 3D and detailed textures, but is that merely going to be a bait for the suckers? Besides being by far the best looking online poker room on the internet, PKR is much-much more than eye-candy. Seeing its current success and after having played there myself for a good few months, I think it is safe to declare that through their innovative client, PKR did nothing less than to revolutionize a whole industry, a whole online phenomenon even. They did that by changing the game of online poker (possibly forever) and setting new standards for the competition in the years to come.

If you do decide to log on to this poker room, you’ll see what I’m talking about and you’ll also understand that online poker will probably never be the same.

We all know about the huge differences in game-play between live poker and online poker. Even though it has pretty much been a goal for online poker software creators to provide an experience as close to the real thing as possible, so far, they haven’t exactly been successful at it.

Enter PKR and a new generation online poker client. Through the graphics and player-gestures implemented, this game is a mere step behind the real deal. There are countless poker tells available through its elaborate GUI, much like in real poker. For instance, if you want to double check your hole cards, you have to take a peek at them, a peek which will also be visible for the other guys around the table. This however, is only one of the countless such – apparently small and fad-like – gestures implemented, but which in reality have a huge impact on the game itself. One only realizes that it’s an entirely different poker game he’s playing than what other rooms offer, once he actually sits down to a table and starts playing.

So no, it is not simple eye-candy to attract fish, and no, PKR poker is not trying to gain an upper hand on the competition by taking things in the wrong direction. It has in fact created something that will not only improve online poker bringing it much closer to its real life counterpart, but will most probably become the standard for all online poker operations in the future.

What’s amazing to me is that no other poker room before them figured out that there was nothing wrong in making use of modern technology to improve on something that could indeed use a push forward.

Anyway, let’s get back to the standard issues I wanted to discuss in this PKR poker review.
The software is stable and fast (you do need a more or less up-to-date system to run it though) and it’s graphically awesome. There are various locations featured, and the player avatars truly become a meaningful representative of the player at the table. There are mini table views available for multi tabling, which can become a handful as you have to check your hole-cards all the time to decide what action to take.

Player traffic is on the increase. As more and more people realize the potential behind the eye-candy, players flock to PKR for a uniquely new experience. There are around 7-8,000 players at their tables. Certainly, this means there will be plenty of fish there too. Experienced online players will also be much more exposed, as the game takes on a whole new dimension compared to what they may be used to.

Anyway, there seems to be good value at their tables. This kind of gameplay will be uncharted territory for most players.

The 50% match on your first deposit up to $250, might not be the most generous in the industry, however, you need to know that PKR also offers rakeback, which is by far the best type of bonus you can get.

In order to have your bonus released, you need to generate 150 PKR points for every dollar of it.
The game selection is standard (no exotic poker variants on offer just yet) and the withdrawal and deposit methods the usual ones as well.

You’ll have Neteller, Visa, Matercard, Solo etc…

PKR’s customer support is renowned for its efficiency. They are available 24/7 through telephone, and through email. Besides support, you’ll also be able to convey feedback through a special email address and you’ll be able to complain about player abuse too.

Remember, because of the nature of the poker room, player abuse takes on a whole new meaning here.

PKR poker

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