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Poker Nordica

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Owned by Casinokontakter.com LTD from Denmark, and based in Malta, Poker Nordica is one of the newest poker rooms on the internet. It is also on the hunt for new players.

Whenever you see that happen, you can be sure there’s some serious EV+ in there somewhere.

We here at BPR promised to do our best to locate value for our visitors. Well this one has it. I’ll cut right to the chase and leave the less important details for later: there are a bunch of private freerolls on Nordica that will leave you wondering how such things are possible, to start with…

We all know there’s not much money and value in regular freerolls. Going up against 1000 or so players for a $50 prize-pool is just not the way to build a bankroll. Well how does going up against 41 players for a $400 pool sound to you then? Without paying a cent buyin or tourney fee…

How about taking on 13 opponents for $200? This is the kind of EV that Poker Nordica gives you, and if you don’t see the value in that, than you probably shouldn’t be playing online poker. One more outstanding thing about Nordica: they still ACCEPT US PLAYERS.

All right, now on to the regular stuff: signup at Nordica is relatively simple (except the fact that you have to confirm from your email address, which is a pain in the neck, if you ask me). Nowadays a poker room just wouldn’t be a poker room without offering some generous match on your first deposit. Poker Nordica does that too, they give you 100% match on your deposit up to $200, but if you sign up from us and use our bonus code that bonus will be a 200% match up to $400.

In order to redeem this bonus, you have to generate 250 Comp Points/every dollar of it, and you’ll unlock it in $10 chunks. If you withdraw before you clear all your bonus, the remaining amount will expire.

If your dream is to make it big in a live tournament, like the EPT, Poker Nordica may just make that dream come true. The offer goes like this: make 400,000 comp points playing at Nordica in 2007, and they’ll offer you a seat in an EPT event or any other 2008 live event up to a max buy-in of $7000. By qualifying for this offer, you may take the leap from online play to the live tournament circuit, in style.

Other promotions include the $500 newbie freeroll, which you can qualify for by simply signing up, depositing and entering the bonus code shown on their homepage. You’ll get a ticket valid for 2 weeks, which you can use to enter the tourney that takes place on a daily basis.

If you’re a big-time comp-points freak, you’ll also gain access to a monthly $50,000 freeroll, which takes place on the last Sunday of every month. Generate 5,000 comp points in the previous month and you have yourself an opportunity to take home some of the $50,000 prize-pool.

If you have a bunch of friends who also like poker, invite them over to Nordica to play with you. You’ll get $25 for each of these guys, plus you’ll gain access to a $2,500 freeroll. Another great EV+ offer right there.

The software, that Nordica uses is developed by Merge Gaming. While it may not be strikingly spectacular, it does a good-enough job of not being annoying, and it does have a few quite outstanding features. Anyway, for the player who’s interested in the value the game provides, that will more than cut it.

If you play poker for the money and not for the kicks, Poker Nordica is something you just can’t ignore. Hurry up though, the biggest plus about this room is that there is little competition. As more and more people find out about their offers, this may not last for long…

Click here to download their sofware. This is a non-rakeback deal.

Poker Nordica

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