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People interested in poker know that education is a key element in becoming successful at this game. While it may seem simple-enough on the surface, it is almost infinitely intricate, and only as soon as he discovers the basic concepts behind game play does one truly understand the depth of the matter.

Bottom line is: an informed poker player stands a much better chance to become a winner than one who doesn’t really care about the game, but rather plays it for the sake of the money. Reading, watching movies, being interested in everything poker related, is a huge boost to one’s effort to eek a buck out of the whole thing.

Don’t you believe that all people who play online poker are indeed truly interested in the game. 90% of people out there have never heard about rakeback. If you consider how important rakeback can be in turning someone into a winner in the long-run, overlooking such an edge is a hardly forgivable mistake.

This is one of the reasons why there will always be value in online poker games for a person who did his/her homework. Human ignorance runs rampant in these poker rooms, and while live games usually feature educated people with a genuine interest in the game, the same certainly cannot be said about online poker.

What is VIP rakeback? Some poker sites which do not normally give their players rake back strike a personal rakeback deal with some of their high volume players. This way, the player stays loyal and he gets his rake rebate. Mind you though, in order to get a rake back deal like this you need to be a high volume player, a true asset for the company. That’s about the only way to get pokerstars rakeback or partypoker rakeback.

Now that you know that knowledge is power, in online poker more than anywhere else, let’s see how you can go about getting your hands on some free (or extremely cheap) information, which you’ll be able to turn into a weapon worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.

There are a huge number of poker books available via poker torrents. Poker torrents represent a form a file-sharing, through bit torrent poker-related file downloads. Books and publications can be downloaded this way, as well as videos of some of the landmark poker events that took place in the past. These torrent downloads are usually for free, so they require zilch investment and can yield huge revenues for players if used appropriately. There are poker torrents available on some of the largest poker portals, but there are poker-torrent dedicated websites out there too, where everything is categorized and seeded for easy access.

I hope I needn’t go into details why and how a package of compressed and purely useful poker information can turn you into a better player.

Even though they look they are indeed God’s gift for the information-hungry poker fanatic, these poker torrents give birth to an extremely serious question: are poker torrents legal?

The dilemma surrounding this issue is by no means a simple one. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon from the perspective of the writers, producers, creators etc. of these materials. They get their product passed along from one person to another for free, no royalty paid whatsoever. Quite understandably, these entities behind the torrents look for copyright laws to protect their revenues.

Enforcing any such laws against poker torrents in particular and file sharing in general, is pretty much impossible though. First of all, communication is global. Various countries have various laws in place regarding the matter. Things that are illegal in one country are perfectly OK in another one.

If files are segmented, they no longer constitute subject for copyright (some might argue otherwise though). Peer-to-peer technology is continuously evolving, aided by technologic advancements in file format sizes and mass access to broadband connections.

The laws guarding the rights of the owners of the swapped files are also very ambiguous when it comes to interpretation.

If lending your friend a book you just bought from the bookstore doesn’t constitute an illegal act, why should letting him download a file from your computer be qualified illegal in any form?

Do I have to use rakeback codes in order to secure a rakeback deal? No, normally you do not have to, although some rakeback sites may require you to sign up to the rakeback room using their bonus code. If you use their direct sign-up link though, you’ll get just as good a rake rebate deal.

Canadian law (file sharing is legal there) states that no one can be held legally responsible for passively allowing others to access files on his/her computer. Downloading a file is not illegal either as long as the user who grabs the file doesn’t intend to sell it, or make money off it in any shape or form. Obviously, poker torrents are not illegal in Canada, and they are in the grey-zone in the US as well. Since there’s obviously plenty of cross-border sharing going on, enforcing any kind of law regarding these file transfers is downright impossible.

The moral thing to do (not necessarily fully legal in all parts of the world) is to download the file for your own use, let others access it if they so wish, but never attempt to make money off it. If you like what you see, go out and buy the product, (this is usually exactly what happens) and make sure you make your appreciation towards the producer felt this way.

Before I wrap it all up though, here’s a point to ponder: you will in fact make money off the poker torrents you download (by improving your skills and knowledge), even if indirectly. Is that the same as selling downloaded content and making money off it that way?

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