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Pokerroom.com is defunct!

One of the oldest online poker sites on the internet, Pokerroom.com went online in 1999, back when playing real-money games over the internet was still hindered by a set of seemingly unsolvable problems.

Therefore, Pokerroom.com didn’t feature real money games in the beginning, play money tables being its main and only attraction. It proved popular with poker players nonetheless, and when the time finally came to switch to real money, many of these play-money guys stuck around to see what the real thing would look like.

That briefly turned Pokerroom.com into one of the biggest fish-pools of the online poker world, because – as we all know nowadays – play money poker has few common features strategy-wise with its real money version.

Today, Pokerroom.com is one of the success stories of the online poker industry and the biggest member of one of the largest poker networks in the world, the Ongame network.

The software powering Pokerroom.com has gone through countless changes and updates through the years, and nowadays it is one of the trend-setters of the industry. Graphics-wise it’s ok (check the screenshot we attached) and as far as reliability goes, it is among the best. In order to keep things on a competitive level, Ongame updates the software quite frequently, and this will lead to some rather annoying downtimes, so jot this one down in the "misses” column.

The statistics presented by the software are the usual ones (flops seen, average pot sizes, hands won percentage etc.), and it allows players to take notes on their opponents during play. The hands history feature is one that works well, on-site as well as in exported formats. It is easier to work with than what most other poker rooms provide.

Multi tabling is problematic. Despite the fact that the software could probably handle several resizable tables without a glitch, Pokerroom only offers four tables which are of fixed sizes. Don’t count on whipping yourself into a multi-table frenzy, as if you were on PokerStars.

Signing up to Pokerroom.com comes with multiple advantages. First of all, you’ll receive a 50% match on your first deposit up to $100. This is the standard sign-up bonus. Signing up through different affiliates however might land you some much better deals, because quite frankly, this bonus might not be all the bang for the buck you might’ve expected.

Furthermore, if you have a trained eye for spotting value in bonuses, you’ll notice a few other problems with it: it unlocks in one lump sum only, and it has a validity period of 60 days. While that may sound like it’s enough, depending on the size of your first deposit and implicitly that of the bonus you’ll have to unlock, you may find yourself in the situation that you get zilch after two months of hard poker-playing.

In order to redeem your bonus, you need to generate 0.07 player points for every 10 cents of your bonus. The redemption rate is not bad at all, as you can get as much as 2.1 points on a maximum ($3) rake pot.

Sign-up also lands you three tickets to some pretty good value beginner freerolls, and that’s a pretty nice incentive.

Pokeroom.com’s promotions system is not the most outstanding one in the business, but it is certainly noteworthy. They have some pretty substantial guaranteed prizes up for grabs each month and their specials (like the cannonball tourneys) are unique attractions. The Cannonball tournaments are meant to sieve out weaker players early on with blinds levels coming about every three minutes. With fewer and fewer players left in the game the blind levels gradually slow down until they grind to a halt on level 77, if they make it that far at all.

Pokerroom’s "refer a friend” promotion rewards those who bring along their buddies or family members to the tables by offering them an extra $50 bonus. This doesn’t influence the bonus the referred friend gets in any way…

Pokerroom.com’s tournaments are industry-standard. They offer a variety of STTs and MTTs to all comers, freerolls as well, and they feature a host of satellites to different live events around the world. Provided one wins their Team Pokerroom.com qualifier (buy-in to it is $650+$50) he will go to a live EPT, WPT or WSOP event, airfare, lodging and dining paid.

They feature Huge Guaranteed prizes daily, in tournaments to which buy-ins range from $5+$0.5 to $300+$20.

Another interesting feature that they have is their WTA (winner takes all) tournament structure. Tourneys played under this structure only reward the winners, second place guy gets zilch. Not sure how good that is EV-wise, but the eventual winner would probably disagree with any sort of assessment I made.

As far as Unique features go, I suppose I’ll have to mention the fact that they host an online poker school at their site, although I’m not sure how original and unique that is. This section features strategy pointers, game guides and other information meant to help players ease into the flow of the action as smoothly as possible.

Their games selection is pretty good, better actually than what most other poker rooms have to offer. They feature Texas Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, as well as 7-Card Stud and 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo. 5-Card Draw is also offered.

The software is available both in a downloadable and a flash format, although – again – this feature has pretty much become a standard one these days.

Pokerroom.com does not accept US players and it does not offer rakeback. Other sites on the Ongame network may offer rakeback as a means to entice players, but Pokerrom.com gets a good enough traffic without it and it probably doesn’t need it. Their player-base took a hit when they lost all their US accounts, but they’ve done a good-enough job of staying afloat, and maintaining their operation in the top echelon of the online poker industry.

Pokerroom.com currently offers 24/7 phone support which is great, the only better alternative to it being the instant live chat support which IS featured in the help section of their site, but doesn’t seem to work.

They also offer support via email, (it is supposed to be pretty fast) and they feature a comprehensive FAQ section which holds the solution to many of the most commonly encountered problems.


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