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Q Ball

Q Ball is a very interesting Draw Poker variant. It is usually played with a Fixed-limit setup, with three blinds and with a single joker in the deck.

The blinds structure is a pretty unique one, to start with. The dealer places the equivalent of the small blind into the pot, so does the player on his immediate left, with the player in the big blind position (on the immediate left of the SB) posting twice that amount.

Each of the players is then dealt three cards, and the first betting round begins. The person on the left of the BB starts, either with calling or raising (he can fold too) as no checking is allowed in the first round.

A fourth card is dealt to each of the players who remain in the game after the first betting round, followed by yet another round of betting. Checking is not allowed in the second round either. The person who begins the round must open or fold.

The fifth card (dealt to all players still in the game), is followed by the third betting round. Interestingly-enough, players are allowed to check during this round.

Next, everyone can draw, (discard the rags they deem useless, in the hope of acquiring better cards) and bet once again, in the fourth and final betting round.

Showdown decides who wins the pot.

Note that Q Ball is usually played with low hands, thus the player with the lowest (A,2,3,4,5) hand wins.

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