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Six Pack

The Six Pack is a game where there are – you’ve guessed it – 6 community cards. Each player gets his regular 2 pocket-cards to begin the game with, followed by a betting round.

At showdown, the community cards dealt onto the board will form a circle, with one card in every even-hour mark position like so:

  a – 12 o’clock  
f – 10 o’clock   b – 2 o’clock
e – 8 o’clock   c – 4 o’clock
  d - 6 o’clock  

The first two community cards to hit the table are a and d. Betting follows the deal, then b and e hit the board to, and there’s another betting round. The last two community cards are f and c, followed by the last betting round and showdown.

Players have to make their showdown hands using their two hole cards and three consecutive cards off the board in a clock-wise direction. They can use either a,b,c or b,c,d, or c,d,e or so on.

Due to its rather complicated nature, I wouldn’t look for this game online any time soon, though you never know what the future brings…

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