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Stud poker - 7 card stud

7 Card Stud used to be the most popular poker variant played in the United States, both at home and in casinos, that is, until Texas Holdem came along to take the lead and to confine 7 Card Stud to second most popular poker game in the U.S.A. (worldwide, Stud was never quite popular)

The gameplay is everything but simple, as you’ll all see it from the following description:
Each player receives two hole cards (face down that is) and a face card to begin with. The idea is that the player with the lowest ranking facecard should pay the ‘bring in’ and thus start the betting round, which will continue in a clockwise direction. In practice, however, it often happens that the two lowest ranking facecards at the table are of the same value. In such cases, they use suit to differentiate and define the lower of the lowest...

The interesting thing about the ‘bring in’, used in this game, is, that the player who follows in the betting round cannot check.
Sometimes the ‘bring in’ ain’t used at all, in such cases, the player in possession of the highest ranking facecard begins the betting round. Suit is no longer used to tell which of two same-rank highcards is really the higher, usually the player who holds one of these highcards and is closest to the dealer, in a clockwise direction, starts the betting.

The first betting round over, the dealer burns a card, then hands each player another facecard in a clockwise direction starting on his left. Another round of betting takes place, this time begun by the player with the highest ranking partial exposed poker hand (straights and flushes do not count),then another card is burnt and the dealer gives everyone yet another facecard in the above described manner. The whole sequence gets repeated for a third time, so by the end of that, each player will have 2 hole cards plus 4 facecards (visible by all players around the table) That makes a total of 6 cards/player. The game, however ain’t called 7 Card Stud for nothing... there’s another card the dealer has in store for our players, a 7th face down holecard, which is followed by the last betting round and the eventual showdown (if it’s the case)
Now then, I think y’all noticed that this game is exceptionally good at sucking up the deck in no time at all. 7 cards/ player will use up the 52 card deck much faster than other games so the standard number of cards in a deck will become a problem.

Limiting the game to 7 players could be a solution , though no self respecting casino will tell the eighth guy, who wants in on the action, to take a hike. They usually hope that by the closing stages of the game many players will have folded, thus they wouldn’t need to be dealt any further cards. In case this doesn’t happen, burnt cards can always be reused. 
In extreme cases - when there’s truly no way to russle up any further cards - a community card is used - that is, a card placed face up unto the table that everybody should regard as part of their hand.
Cards that were folded during the game, shall NEVER be reused.

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