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Do you know what it takes to be a long-term winner in online poker? Among a bunch of other things, finding small edges and putting them to work over and over is of utmost importance. Rakeback is such a small edge (come to think about it, it’s not even small at all...)

This website contains ALL you need to know about what the poker rake is, exactly how and why it’s taken and how it affects you, the poker player. Rakeback (a.k.a. rake rebate or rake return) is also thoroughly explained. Learn about rakeback subtleties that you won’t find on other rakeback sites. We’ve also made a selection of the best rakeback offers out there. We ourselves are using some of these deals, after all, no reasonable person should play a single poker hand in an online poker room without being on the receiving end of a rakeback deal.


Every now and then, some of the above listed poker rooms run special promotions for their rakeback players. These promotions add value on top of the rakeback you’d normally get, and we did promise to point you to where the best value is, so here goes:

  • On April 22, 29 and May 6 Betsafe will host three $500 added tournaments. Only players who register through us qualify for the tournaments. The buy-in for each event costs $0.04 + $0.01. The prize-pool of each event is a massive $500 – talk about extra value. All players have to do to take part in these tournaments is to open a Betsafe account through best-poker-rakeback.net. All our existing Betsafe players qualify as well. The promotion is compatible with the Betsafe rakeback deal we offer.
  • PKR kicks off an extremely interesting promotion in April. PKR players will play in lottery tournaments (to which they’ll be able to buy in with PKR points) and the winners will get a share of the action that various PKR pros generate at the WSOP. It’s a bit like taking part in the WSOP without ever actually going there. Jake Cody, Vladimir Geshkenbein and James Sudworth will be among the PKR pros descending upon the WSOP. Given the weight that those names carry at the live poker tables, one may even hit the cash of his life through this PKR promotion. The PKR lottery tournaments can be accessed from the MTT lobby. The promotion is compatible with the PKR rakeback we offer.
  • During April, Minted Poker hosts an exclusive rake race called the Individual Race, which is tailored to suit the needs of the highest-raking poker players. True heavy hitters will love this promotion because it gives them the chance to take down a $2k prize, topped off with a 40% rakeback and bonuses. The leader board features 6 levels. The first level awards the winner a $1k prize, and a 20% extra rake rebate on top of it. The last level (6th) pays $2k and a 20% extra rakeback. The object of the rake race is to generate as much rake as possible. The promotion is compatible with the Minted Poker rakeback deal we have on offer.

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The fact that you came upon this website tells me one thing about you: you like poker, right?
Well, don't we all...but what we like even more is winning.

Poker rakeback will help you become a winner, and coupled with proper poker room selection, rakeback will change your perception of the game.

Do you know which online poker room offers the best all around play experience? We didn’t know it either, but we took the time to research rooms, those that offer rakeback and those that feature other forms of rake rebate. Some online poker rooms offer such good deals on their sign-up bonus, that they needn’t even give you rakeback per se, you’ll still get a good chunk of your rake back from them through these deals.

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Hit our poker room review section to see who's hot and who's not, also if you find yourself in need of some fresh ideas don't be shy to check out our poker tips and strategies section.

We also feature poker articles, where poker players will give you a piece of their mind. You never know where you may come across a useful bit of information...

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Rakeback news

Representatives of Groupe Bernard Tapie have apparently reached an agreement with the DoJ regarding the Full Tilt Poker case, which means the takeover is now more likely than ever, hinging only on the decision of the Full Tilt shareholders.

The Final 3 of the 2011 November Nine was reached. Pius Heinz, Ben Lamb and Martin Staszko made the final dash. Favorite Phil Collins was bounced in 5th place.

DiamondBet makes the move to Microgaming. The move probably reflects the site’s quest for a larger player base, which it hopes to fulfill on the Microgaming network. DiamondBet remains EU-compatible.

888 Poker’s $8 No-Deposit bonus. All new players who register with 888 Poker starting October 4th, get $8 credited to their real money accounts without having to make a deposit.

New Betfair software. To complete its recent move to the Ongame network, Betfair has updated its software, adding a whole bunch of new features like the Mac Compatible downloadable client.

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